Pictures from the CREEKSIDE DRESSAGE SHOW, JUNE 2015

Pictures of the Hunter Show in May 2015 at Creekside Stable, my apologies to those of you who competed later in the day, when i wasn't there to take pictures (coaching and trailering duties kept me from taking pics)

April 2015 is RIDE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN WITH OUT STIRRUPS MONTH ! Here is a collection of riders doing just that. I'll keep adding pictures as the month progresses.

Scout enjoying a brisk winter day.

19 months old WINCHIMES



More Pics from 2014


Coventry Schooling Dressage Show June 2014

Horse on Course Hunter Show June 2014


Grand Haven Rated Dressage Show June 2014


Creekside Hunter/Jumper Show May 2014


Wildwin Schooling Show May 2014


Winchimes as a yearling (may 2014)


Pics from the Coventry Dressage Show 5-25-14


Pics from YWCA Awards Banquet 4-10-14


Winter 2013/2014 Pictures


The above pics are all of WINCHIMES as a weanling.


Above pics are Coco, Rex, Tucker and Zira Christamas 2013.


Our back porch and Stacey-Shawn and Remi


Pictures from our 20th annual WILDWIN STABLE BANQUET.

(my apologies that some of the pictures turned out a little blurry)




Pics from the CBLM DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS in Williamston, NC.  Nov 2013


Pics from the July 2013 Sonador Dressage Show


Pics from the July 2013 Creekside Show


Below are pics from the June Creekside and the June Wildwin Show:


Below are pictures from our annual KNOW DOWN, held each February.  It's a fun horsey game, played like Jeopardy.




Below are pics from the CBLM DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS, held in Lexington, Va. (have a lot of pictures of stacey and blitz--but they didn't resize correctly--will get them on here soon !)


Below are Pictures from the Dressage Show in Leesburg, VA at Morven Park in Sept.


The above pics are of Darren Chiachia Olympic Bronze medal winner and Pan Am Gold medal winner with Michelle and Stacey.

Below are more pictures from the September Morven Show


Pictures below are from the HORSE ON COURSE Dressage Show with Michelle/Elliott and Shania/Kim.


Pictures below are from the August Creekside Show (sorry Lori no pics of you !  I never made it to the top ring to see your rides)


Pictures from the Crooked Fences Show held at Rolling Rock in July.


Gallery of pics from the July Creekside show



Gallery of pics from the June Creekside show




2011 pictures !!

Following are pics from the 2011 CBLM DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS held in Allentown, NJ October 2011.

All dressed up and tired after a long trailer ride.


Ace in his Championship ride and Ace with his Blue ribbon at 1st Level Test 2


Michelle and Ace with their saddle pad, and BLM socks for winning First Level Test 2.


Michelle and Ace in the Winners Circle

The ribbon winners in the CBLM CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS


Gwen and Michelle having fun and Ace with his Terrible Towel !


Anna and Cappy before test and during their test.


Anna deep in thought and Anna lecturing Ace before his test.

And yes i parked it in between things--like a pro (i got lucky !)


and after the rides--we had to check out the Ocean.

Mystery writings in the sand...


Pics from the July Creekside Show.


pics from the Grand Haven Dressage Show June 2011




Gallery of pictures from the Creekside show June 2011


Gallery of pictures from Rolling Rock May 2011

Donna with Rusty at Rolling Rock

Laurie on Rusty at Rolling Rock

Mandy and Bella--They also got the Reserve in the 2'6" Jumper Div out of a large field !

2010 pictures

Pics from the BASSET HIGHLANDS MINI TRIALS SEPTEMBER 26, 2010   Congrats to Michelle Harkins and ACE OF BAYS for winning their division !!!!!!!!!


Pics from the August Creekside show 2010



Below are pics from Rolling Rock Aug 2010


Our New Jumps


Mandy's Belle with her Jumper Ribbon Horse on Course july 2010


The following pics are from the July 2010 Creekside show:


I just love the faces !!  And isn't HOHO laughing ?? June 2010


Above is a collection of pics from the June Creekside show 2010


Emily and Confetti Chad schooling at Home March 2010

Em and Confetti Chad at HORSE ON COURSE 4-10

Em with Confetti Chad and their ribbons (2 firsts, a 3rd and a 4th) 4-10

Heather liked Em's ribbons !

Donna on Rex April 2010

Aren't they just adorable?  Max and his "girls".  April 2010



2009 pictures

Betty on Foustro (above)



Below is a gallery of pics from the June Creekside Show of Krysta, Anna, Em and Bryony.


Anna Davis on our lesson horse--BAILEY  May 2009

Anna Davis at her first dressage show on PLEASANT REWARD.  April 2009

Stacey's dog Remi !  Even Remi can jump !!!  May 2009



Below are pics from the BLM DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS Oct 2008 @ the VA HORSE CENTER.



Krysta and Dory waiting to ride HOC October 2008

Brenda and George and Michelle and Morgan with their RESERVE HIGH POINT AWARDS and a f ew of their ribbons from the HOC dressage show October 2008.  Both ladies also won YEAR END RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIPS.

This is Morgan ridden by Michelle, after winning a blue at the HOC Oct 2008 dressage show with a score of 69%.



                  BEFORE                                                   AFTER

BEFORE--Brenda on George at the Beginning of their warm up. 

AFTER--Brenda on George after winning their Intro Test and The High %

Brenda Roger on PLEASANT REWARD WPDA SHOW  Aug 2008

Michelle Harkisn on CAPPUCHINO at WPDA Dressage Show Aug 2008

Michelle Harkins on CAPPUCHINO WPDA Dressage Show Aug 2008

Brenda Roger on Pleasant Reward WPDA Show Aug 2008

George, Cappy and Fred relaxing between rides!  Aug 2008

Don't know what George is thinking ???  Aug 2008


CHLOE KALLENBERG on JIMINY CRICKET with their ribbons and RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP inWalk/Trot Pleasure Aug 08

CHLOE KALLENBERG on JIMINY CRICKET  at Creeksdie show Aug 2008

Michelle, Betty and Chloe on Jimmy  Creekside 2008

STACEY and THE HEART BREAK KID warming up for their dressage test at Grand Haven Aug 2008.

Stacey and Shawn after winning a few ribbons and qualifying for the BLM DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS at both Training and First Level.

Michelle with Fred's Legacy after qualifying for the BLM DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS at First Level Aug 2008

Michelle and Cappuchino during their winning ride at Training Level at Grand Haven Stables in Ohio, where they qualified for the BLM Dressage Championships.  Aug 2008

MICHELLE and CAPPUCHINO with a fw of theri ribbons from Grand Haven Aug 2008


Christina on her Thoroughbred TOTALLY TERRIFIC (aka Noah) July 2008

Christina on TOTALLY TERRIFIC  July 2008


Michelle and Fred at Halt at A in First Level.  July 2008  Horse on Course

Michelle and Fred at HORSE ON COURSE during one of their winning rides.  July 2008

Michelle and Fred at the lengthening at the trot in First Level July 2008

Jeff Ashcraft on THE MID KNIGHT TE at the June Horse on Course Dressage Show doing Training Level.

Jeff Ashcraft on THE MID KNIGHT TE  June HOC with his 2nd place ribbon.

Krysta Kelly on WELL THAT'S MY STORY at the June Horse on Course Show doing the Intro. Div.

Kryst Kelly with her Blue Ribbon at the June HOC Dressage Show.

Michelle Harkins with MORGAN and Jeff Ashcraft with THE MID KNIGHT TE at June HOC

Michelle Harkins riding MORGAN in Training Level at the June HOC dressage show.

Michelle Harkins riding MORGAN in Training Level at the June HOC dressage show.

Michell Harkns on MORGAN at June HOC with two of their 3 blues.


June 7 and 8th 2008 Michelle and MACANAW competed at the MORVEN HORSE PARK in Leesburg, VA  where they placed 2nd in a class of over 15 horses with a score of 65.6% and were less than 1% point out of 1st place.  With that score they qualified for the BLM DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS.  This makes 2 horses that Michelle has qualified with for the Championships.  Sevens Ripple Glo has also qualified. 

Linus 1988-2008

Brenda & George at HORSE ON COURSE  April 2008

Brenda and George Horse on Course April 2008

Laurie and Roger at Horse on Course April 2008

Laurie and Roger Horse on Course April 2008

Michelle and Macanaw Horse on Course April 2008

Michelle and Mac (had not yet received their first place ribbon), Brenda and George, and Laurie and Roger  Horse on Course April 2008

Somebody needs a BIGGER pair of boots!!   April 2008


2007 pictures

Below are several pictures of MARK and RIP at the VADA fall Dressage Show.



Sevens Ripple Glo and Michelle Harkins during their qualifying ride for the 2008 BLM Dressage Championships (Morven Park november 2007).

Mark My Words and Michelle Harkins at the Morven Park Dressage Show November 2007.

KRYSTA KELLY on WELL THAT'S MY STORY at the HOC Championship Dressage Show Sept 2007

KRYSTA KELLY on WELL THAT'S MY STORY with her YEAR END AWARD from the HOC series of Dressage Shows at the INTRO LEVEL.  Sept 2007.

KATE and THE MID KNIGHT TE (moose) after winning a first place at their first rated Dressage Show at Grand Haven in Ohio. August 2007

LAURIE HAVRISKO on THE MID KNIGHT TE  @ Horse on Course July 2007

MICHELLE HARKINS on CHUNKY MONKEY @ Horse on Course July 2007

Moose and Chunky with their ribbons at HOC July 2007 (3 firsts, a 2nd and High % Ride)

Tory  July 2007

Emily Dempsey, Krysta Kelly, and Becky Leonard with their ribbons from a HORSE ON COURSE SHOW  2007

Christina and her new mare DUCHESS  June 2007


Becki Leonard on KAHLUA AND CREAM at Horse on Course Dressage Show with her ribbons June 2007

Michelle Harkins on BILL FOR REAL with her High % Ribbon  from the Intro Division at Horse on Course June 2007

Krysta Kelly on SCOOBY DOOBY DO at his first Hunter Show with us.  Creekside May 2007

Leah Jankowski on Pocahontis at Horse on Course May 2007.  Leah won 3 blues that day and the CHAMPIONSHIP in the Ground Rails Class.

Justine Turner with her Blue Ribbon from showing POCAHONTIS and Leah Jankowski mounted.  Horse on Course May 2007

Donna Havrisko riding SEVENS RIPPLE GLO (she leases him) at the canter in a lesson May 2007

Donna Havrisko on SEVENS RIPPLE GLO  May 2007

Michelle on Pete in warm up ring at Morven Horse Park  Leesburg, Va  June 2007

Michelle and Pete in warm up ring at Morven Horse Park  Leesburg, VA  June 2007




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