Below are pictures of our AKC German Shepherd Dogs-- Max (our black and tan Plush Coat male),  Noelle, Jingles and Shatzi (our girls)   They live in our home with us, as part of the family.   Enjoy the pictures!

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Our GSD's are bred for their outstanding and steady temperments, and no known health issues.


Above is JINGLE BELLS, at 4 months old. She is a Sable color. We are excited to see her grow !

Max, at under a year old

Misty is Gorgeous and has an amazing temperment.


Pictured above is our Long Haired Sable Female Misty

Obviously this is Siege's favorite place to lay


These cute pups were from a litter of Misty and Siege.

Shatzi and Misty (they are sisters)Noelle always smiles.

Noelle a short haired Sable female

Noelle waiting to play with her rope.


Pictured below is our female SHATZI  (Shatzi and Misty are 1/2 sisters and both long haired).


Shatzi (on left) and Siege

Siege and Misty


Shatzi (on left) and Siege

Misty, Siege and Noelle (helping me cook !)


Below are pictures of pups from a previous litter of Noelle and Siege.




The two pics above are of Zeus and his owner Olivia. Zeus is from Shatzi and Max.

Above is Nala, owned by Laura.. Nala is one of Misty's pups and is very loved by her new family, and from the looks of it--Very pampered !

Pictured Below is Onyx with his new family. We got this note from the happy owners: "Hello, My girlfriend and I are the proud owners of one of Misty and Siege's puppies, Onyx. he was from the litter that was born in April 2014. I just wanted to share some pictures with you and tell you that he is the best thing that has ever happened to us. We heard all about how GSD are extremely hyper and destructive and Onyx couldn't be farther from that. He is very mild mannered and has not destroyed anything. He is extremely loving and very attentive. Thank you for allowing us to bring such an amazing animal into our home! Chris

Below is a picture of one of Noelle and Siege's pups all grown up !  Her name is Duchess, and her owners love her !

Pictured below are another of Noelle and Siege's pups born in 2013. Just gorgeous ! Owned by Kathleen Zapp


Below are pics of one of Siege and Reicht's pups that the owners sent to us


Below are Pictures of one of Siege and Reichts's pup ADA with her wins in Agility


Pictured below are pics of ARGO and MURPHY that their happy owners sent to us--Beautiful Dogs !!


Picture Below is one of Misty's Pups YODA in her new home.




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