Special Needs Riding  Lessons




Click on the link below--it will take you to a site where you can fill out an application for a grant up to $500.- to be used for riding lessons for handicapped riders.   Applications must be received before mid April 2009.





Family and Individual Mini-Grant Application (2009)


Check out the above link for info on grants !!!!!!!


We offer riding for mildly disabled children. 

We are NOT wheelchair accessible.

Weight limit is 150#


Nick riding Miss Molly.

Tara on Mickey Mouse.

Nick on Miss Molly



**Riding is beneficial because the motion of the horse provides the rider hip and back action that stimulates natural walking.

**Riding relaxes and strengthens muscles.

**Riding improves body tone, posture, balance, joint mobility and coordination

**The warm body and rhythmical movements of the horse act as natural relaxants.


Let your child experience a form of independency rarely equaled.  All of a sudden they are the ones looking down from the back of a warm animal and a friend—NOT JUST A CLINICAL AID.


Prices for these lessons vary depending on the length of the lesson and the amount of assistance required.   Some students can ride a full hour with only one instructor needed $35.-  Others do better with just a half hour $25.- with one instructor.  Or for a rider needing the assistance of two instructors the cost is $35.- for a half hour.  We even do slightly shorter lessons for those who can't ride even the 1/2 hour due to attention or physical problems. 


Also included in the lesson—Is time for your child to spend with the horse—bonding.  This is achieved thru learning how to groom , and just spending time interacting with the horse.—before and after the actual ride. 

Nick brushing Miss Molly before his ride.


Before beginning any activity like this with a handicapped rider—please get permission from your doctor. 

 We will also work with your child’s physical therapist.

If you would like more info on these lessons you may contact us at:


or call 724 875 2834 and ask for Betty