We usually have several horses/ponies available to be leased.

The cost of leasing a horse/pony is $200.- per month

In order to lease a horse/pony the rider must be currently taking weekly lessons, at Wildwin.

Leasing can be a great step prior to actually buying a horse, or it can be a way for a rider to experience the joys of ownership, without all the expense (such as purchase price, vet and farrier bills)

We have the following horses available for lease: 


HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW--aka JOY.  Paint mare 14.1 hands

CHESTER--Suffolk Punch gelding 14.3 hands

CINNAMON--Paint mare 13.2 hands







Cinnamon and Zira June '14

For more details, and availability of horses contact us at (724) 875 2834 or e-mail us at wildwin@comcast.net






















Betty on Sevens Ripple Glo during a dressage test (3rd 1) at Grand Haven Stables in Ohio.