2016 dates

MAY 14th Wildwin 1st schooling show of season

May 28th Rolling Rock hunter/jumper

June 4th Creekside Hunter/Jumper

June 5th Derry Ag Hunter/Jumper

June 12th South Park Hunter

June 18th Creekside Dressage

July 16th Creekside hunter/Jumper

July 24th Derry ag hunter/Jumper

Aug 6 Rolling Rock x ctry schooling

Aug 7th Rolling Rock mini trials

Aug 20th Creekside hunter/Jumper

Aug 21st South Park hunter

Sept 10 Creekside dressage

Sept 25 Derry Ag hunter/jumper


Wow i never got any of our 2015 results posted here ! I guess with FB (which i update often--i just didn't get anything on here !)... So please check out our WILDWIN STABLE facebook page

2014 Results

Feb 23, 2014 was our annual KNOW DOWN--we had to postpone it from earlier in Feb due to all the snow !  But we still had a great time and learned a lot.

May 17, 2014 was our first of 3 schooling shows, held here at Wildwin.  Lots of riders doing a great job !!

May 25, 2014 Dressage Show at Coventry in Washington PA.  Shania rode Joy in their first show as a new team--Winning both their Intro Tests with scores in the 60's.  And Kristen and Coco did their first show as a new team--wtih this being Kristen's first show ever.  Great Rides!!! 

May 32, 2014 Hunter/Jumper at Creekside Stable in Blairsville PA.  We had 8 horses there, and 11 riders and a whole bunch of supporters!!!  Go to the picture page to see highlights of this day ! Including Graysen's Championship with HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW? and Emily's Reserve with CLARKE

June 7 and 8 2014 Grand Haven Rated Dressage Show.  Michelle competed on ELLIOT.  They did OK !  They won both their Training Level Tests with a 70.6 and a 75.2 % (there were approx 200 rides at this show--and only 12 rides scored in the 70's).  This qualified them for the GAIG Championships which will be held at the KY HORSE PARK in Lexington, KY in October.  They also competed at First Level and scored in the mid 60's placing 3rd in both those tests.  They need one more score to qualify for first level at the GAIG's (hopefully Morven in Sept !).  They also won the High % Ride for Training Level with their 75.2% and it was also the HIGH % ride of the ENTIRE 2 day show.  Did i mention that Elliott is only 5 years old?

6-22-14 Three riders competed at HORSE ON COURSE Hunter Show in Saxonburg, PA.  Kaitlyn on ZIRA won the CHAMPIONSHIP in a walk/trot ground rails division.  Greyson on HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW won the RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP in that same division.  And Alyssa with IMPRESSIVE HAWKE had great rides in the 18" Hunter Division with 1 First, 2 Seconds, and 3 Fourths.  Great Job ladies !!

6-29-14 Three riders competed at COVENTRY EQUESTRIAN CENTER in Washington, PA.  Chris on I'M THE MAN (aka Scout) did their very first dressage show ever.  To say Scout was a little apprehensive is an understatement!  But Chris did a wonderful job riding him thru it.  Kristen on WINNING WAYS (aka Coco) placed 2nd in two large classes, with scores in the low 60's.  Michelle rode CHERRY COLA in Cherry's first dressage test ever, at Training 1 and 2.  They won both their large classes with scores in the mid 60's and also won the ADULT HIGH % TRAINING LEVEL RIDE.  Another good day !!

And then there were technical/computer issues--so the results were not put up for the remainder of the 2014 show season. Suffice to say though we had an amazing year--finishing off with riders competing in both the CBLM DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS IN VA and the GAIG DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS at the KY HORSE PARK. Followed by a wonderful Awards Banquet in November, 2014. Looking forward to 2015


February 10, 2013 was our annual KNOW DOWN.  We had a great time with lots of new faces this year !  Over 25 students and parents participated, with the Young Rider Team winning.  Congrats to all and keep studying !

In addition to these dates there will be 3 WILDWIN SCHOOLING SHOWS ADDED in May, June and October with dates to be announced later.

June 1st was a Hunter/Jumper show at Creekside Stable.  Delaney competed on Scout for the first time in the 2' Hunter Division, placing in every class, with good ribbons--even including a 2nd place.  Emily on Raptor competed in the 2'-2'3" Jumper  and also in the 2'6" Jumper where they had double clean rounds in all 3 classes, and placing in each class with good ribbons.  Michelle rode Splashy Godiva in an Adult Division as well as an Equitation Division--Ribbons in every class and the Championship in the Equitation.  And thanks to everyone who came to help and cheer us on--Thanks you--Patty, Chris, Kristen, Anna, Nykki, Graysen, Jan, Janette, Lori

July Creekside was a blast!  Emily and Rapture (aka Confetti Chad) had 6 double clear rounds at 2'3 and at 2'6", placing in most every class.  Chloe and Cadet's Impresso Star won all of their 18" Hunter classes !  And had a great showing in the Pleasure Division.  Delaney and Scout won a class at 2' and had other great ribbons too (check out pic of Scout jumping on the Picture page--HE CAN JUMP !).  And Shania and Rex made their show ring debut--placing 2nd in an Under Saddle class as well as having other good rides !  Anna and Cappachino also showed at 2' placing very well, with lots of good ribbons in the Pleasure Div too.  And thanks to our Shirpas Kaitlyn and Alyssa--you guys ROCK !

July 21 2013 was a schooling dressage show at Sonador.  Chris showed Flashy Godiva in the Intro Level.  This was Chris's first show ever, and Boo's (aka Flashy Godiva) first dressage show.  They scored in the mid 60's, even recieving an "8" and placed 4th and 5th.   Shania showed Sterling Silver in their first dressage show as a duo, with scores in the upper 60's at the Intro Level.  They won a 6th place and a first place !  Their first place was also the High % of the Day !  Congrats ladies !!!  And Thanks to everyone who came along to support us--We had a real crowd there ! 

August 10, 2013 Rolling Rock Mini Trials.  Emily competed on Clark.  And this time there were no broken bones !  In a big division Em and Clark placed 6th, with a clean stadium round and a clean x ctry course !  Great Job !!

September 13-14-15 Morven Dressage Show in Lessburg, Va.  Wonderful weekend.  Michelle and Elliot did awesome and got some good practice for the upcoming CHAMPIONSHIPS, and they had great scores at Training and First Level.  Anna and Cappy qualified for the CHAMPIONSHIPS at both Training and First Level and even won a class.  Now it's time to gear up for the Championships !

November1-4 2013 THE CBLM DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS in Williamston, NC.  What a long haul, but it was worth the trip !  Anna and Cappy and Michelle and Elliot both competed.  Their scores all weekend were in the mid to high 60's at Training and First Level.  SO VERY PROUD of both riders !  Michelle competed in the Training Level Championship class placing 4th (and being less than 2 points out of first place), she also qualified while there for the 2014 Championships at both Training and First Level on her 4 year old Sport Horse Pony.  Anna competed in the Training and First Level Championships classes.  They didn't place very well in the Training Level Championship class--but with even more determination they placed 3rd in the First Level Championships class (just a few points away from 1st place).  They also qualified for the 2014 Championships at First Level.  EXCELLENT JOB LADIES !!!!

November 23, 2013 was our 20th Annual Wildwin Banquet.  There were over 70 people in attnedance.  We had a great evening, with great people !  Of course the food that everyone brought was YUMMY !  Our raffle table again had lots of cool gifts.  And there were numerous door prizes that were given out.  In addition to the "funny" awards we had more serious awards for those who competed with us during the 2013 show season.   This year we had a special treat--Our blessing before the meal was sung to us by Chris Thomas--THAT GIRL CAN SING ! You can see pictures on the PICTURE PAGE OF THE BANQUET.


February 2014 OUR ANNUAL KNOW DOWN  Date to be announced later.



February 26, 2012 we had our annual KNOW DOWN.  (a horsey game played sorta like Jeopardy).  The ADVANCED team of LAURIE, DONNA, EMILY, STACEY, ANNA, DEBBY and NORM won !  With the PARENTS team of HEATHER, TRAVIS, COLIN, DEAN, TESS, JESSICA, JASON and KAREN tied for 2nd place.  The other 2nd place team was the INTERMEDIATE team of BRYONY, SHANIA, ALYSSA, DELANEY, KERI, JOCELYN, NICK and ABBY.  Congrats !!!!

June 8,9 and 10th We were at Grand Haven Stables for their rated DRESSAGE SHOW.  It was a gorgeous weekend !  Stacey Klaus and Blanquitto made their show ring debut at Training and First Levels--placing very high in their classes and having great scores in the 60's.  They also qualified for the BLM Championships in Training Level at this show.  Michelle Harkins and Ace of Bays also competed at this show making their debut at 2nd Level--with great scores in the 60's.  And we were able to share the weekend with the Anna and Gwen who made the trip to cheer us on !

June 16 2012 Was our first show at Creekside this season.  Lori and Blitz and Emily and Clark and Delaney and Scout  and Michelle and Boo and Stacey and Scout competed winning lots of ribbons and Championships !  See the picture page for pics from the show.

June 23 was our first of 3 Wildwin Schooling shows.  It was a small show, but the riders were impressive !

July 21 was our 2nd hunter/jumper at Creekside.  The arena's were just a little WET !  But the riders toughed it out and did wonderful !!!!!  Lori and Blitz took the Championship in the Jumper Division, and Emily Clark took the Reserve Champion and well as placing high in the Jackpot Jumper and winning cash.  Bryony and Zazu made their 2' hunter debut and had great rides !  Shania and Kim made their debut in the pleasure division placing 2nd in most every class.  And Mandy and Bella after a year's hiatus from the show ring did the jumper division and had great ribbons too !  You can see pictures on THE PICTURE page

July 28 was the Crooked Fences show at Rolling Rock.  The rains kept a few of our horses from going to the show, but despite the wet conditions Bryony and Zazu showed in the 2' Short Stirrup Division.  Winning every class as well as capturing the Grand Championships for the division.  The judge was impressed with their rides--that she gave them a personal invitation to go Fox Hunting with her.  You can see pictures from the day on our PICTURES page.

Aug 11 and 12 was the Rolling Rock Mini Trials.  Bryony rode Zazu to a 5th place finish in the 2' division, and Lori rode Blitz to a 2nd place finish in another 2' division.  First time for either of these riders to do a mini trials--Great Job Girls !  And Emily rode Clark in a 2'6" division--but unfortunately had a fall in stadium that resulted in a broken arm for emily.  Em and Clark will be back in the show ring--before you know it !

Aug 17-18-19  Was a rated Dressage Show in Middleburg Va.  What a very scenic and nice facility !  Anna rode Cappachino to some nice rides after an almost year long hiatus, and Michelle rode Ace of Bays to some very nice 2nd level rides.

August 25 was the 3rd of 3 Hunter/Jumper shows we went to at Creekside Stable.  Delaney rode Scout in the 18" division and in addition to some very good ribbons--she also won the Reserve Championship.  Shania rode Kim in the Pleasure division, they had great rides including a first place and they also won the Reserve Championship in their division.  Lori rode Blitz in the 2' Jumper division winning good ribbons (3rd places) and Lori and Blitz were the Year End Over All Jumper Champion for the 2012 year !  Good riding Girls !

Sept 9, 2012  Was a gorgeous fall day at HORSE ON COURSE.  Michelle rode her young 3 year old Elliott in his very first horse show ever.  Elliott acted like a seasoned pro !  His first test was in a class of 10 and he placed 3rd with a score of 68%, but his next classes also large classes he WON with scores of 75% and 77%.  And he got the high % for the entire show.  Not a bad debut.   Shania rode Kimberly in the Intro Division.  This was Shania's first dressage show--and she had very good rides and great scores in the mid 60's with a  1st and a 2nd and a 4th place ribbon in large classes !  Great job !!!!

Sept 15-16, 2012 Stacey Klaus and Michelle Harkins and myself got to spend a beautiful weekend in Leesburg, VA at Morven Park.  Stacey and the Lusitano cross Blanquito had previously qualified for the BLM Championships at Training Level, but after this show they have now qualified at First Level too.  Stacey had great rides and scores--including winning Training Level 2 over 13 other riders.  Michelle on her Sport Horse Ace of Bays had previously qualified at both Training and First Level, but after a great weekend of showing with very good scores they have now qualified at 2nd level too.  Keep up the good work for the Championships ladies !




June 11 and 12, 2011 was our first rated Dressage show of the season.  It was at Grand Haven Stables in Jefferson, OH.  So proud of the young ladies who competed !  Anna Davis on her mare CAPPUCHINO competed in her first rated dressage show ever.  They competed at Training Level, they won their first class with a score of 68% and with that score qualified for the BLM Championships, they ribboned in every class they did with scores in the mid 60's.  Michelle Harkins competed on her gelding ACE OF BAYS in both Training and First Level.  They too qualified for the BLM Championships in both levels, and had scores in the upper 60's, with great ribbons too.  Stacey Klaus also competed on her TB gelding HEART BREAK KID.  They competed at both First and Second Level and had awesome rides! 

June 4, 2011 Was a Hunter/Jumper show at Creekside Stable.  Delaney showed SPONGE BOB in two 18" over fences divisions--taking mostly 2nd and 3rd place ribbons in large classes.  Michelle showed AIN'T NO RUST ON MY TRUCK in an 18" division also winning mostly 2nds and 3rds.  Shania showed AIN'T NO RUST ON MY TRUCK in a walk/trot flat division.  This was only Shania's 2nd time riding him, and her very first show--They put in wonderful, solid rides !  Emily showed CONFETTI CHAD in the 2'6" Jumper Division and won the Championship and they also competed in the 2'9" division winning good ribbons.  Great Job ladies !!

May 28 2011 Was our first show of the season at Rolling Rock in Ligonier.  It didn't rain on us--but the grounds were saturated from the rains all week--Very very wet and muddy !  Mandy competed on her Hannoverian -- Bella and won a first place and a 6th place in the 2'6" Jumper Division to earn them the RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION.  Laurie regular mount was lame--so last minute she showed the Appy Rusty in a Hunter Division and had GREAT rides !  And we got to take our newest horse Cowboys True Ghost to the show--just for experience, but not to compete.  Had a great day with great riders and had a wonderful support system thanks to Donna, Debby, Michelle, Tess and Shania and Mandy's parents.

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For those of you interested in the mini trials series--check out www.minitrialseries.org for more dates.


OCTOBER 1 Wildwin Schooling Show



May 21, 2011 was our frst Wildwin Schooling Show of the Season.  Congrats to the winners !  And NO RAIN !!!!!!!!

February 27, 2011 was our Annual KNOW DOWN .  Lots of riders and their families attended.  And congratulations to the winners !  The team termed THE OTHERS (parents, and spouses of riders) won, so congrats to Norm, Colin, Ben, Tess and Karen !  The team of YOUNGER RIDERS and OLDER RIDERS put up a good showing though !

I will have dates for upcoming shows on here soon, and stay tuned for when there will be more "pony ride" days scheduled.


April 25, 2010  Emily Dempsey rode CONFETTI CHAD in their first show together at HORSE ON COURSE in Saxonburg, PA.  They competed in both the 2' and the 2'6" Jumper Divisions.  In their first division Em and Clarke placed 3rd and 1st out of a field of 5 horses.  In their second division at 2'6" Em and Clarke placed 1st and 4th out of a field of 9 horses.  GREAT JOB on your first of hopefully many shows together !!  Check out the Picture page for some pics of these two.


June 5, 2010 6 riders and their horses braved the conditions and competed at the Creekside show in Blairsville, PA.  It rained and rained and rained a little more--and even Thunderstormed on us !  But the show was great and despite the conditions it was a HUGE show!  Some classes had 20 riders !  Emily Dempsey showed Confetti Chad in the 2'6" Hunter Division to take the RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP and they showed in the 2'6" Jumper Division placing 2nd in most classes.  Bryony Tilzey competed on HOHO putting in wonderful solid rounds over the 18" fences.  Anna Davis rode LITTLE MISS HOT SHOT to some very good ribbons in BIG classes in the 18" divisions.  Lori Johnson did the same with MORGAN--good ribbons in big classes at 18" !  Delaney Soliday rode HOHO in the walk/trot pleasure division against a large group and had GREAT rides !  Laurie Golobish rode LEVI in the adult 18" division winning a blue as well as the Reserve Championship.  Great rides !!!!!!!  The pic page has some nice pictures of the day.


July 17, 2010 Michelle Harkins on her young Sport Horse Pony ACE OF BAYS competed in his first show at the CREEKSIDE HUNTER/JUMPER SHOW.  They competed in baby green placing 5th in both over fences classes and they also did the jumper division with very good rides !   Chloe Kallenberg competed on both JIMINY CRICKET and SPONGE BOB.  With Jiminy Cricket they placed in every class, and usually in the top 2 or 3.  This was Sponge Bob's first show, and he behaved well, and by the end of the day, he was getting the "hang" of what to do, and was also placing in the 18" division.  Good job ladies !!!

July 25, 2010 Mandy Chruscial competed on Belle at the HORSE ON COURSE jumper show.  The conditions were horrible--due to non stop rain the day before.  Despite the conditions Mandy rode Bell in some tough courses, aside from one really gutsy turn--in too a wet of an arena--which resulted in a spill for both horse and rider they did great !  Then when the 2nd deluge hit--we packed up and came home ! 

August 1, 2010 Several riders competed at the Hi Acres Dressage and Hunter Show in New Alexandria, PA.  Chloe Kallenberg again showed Jiminy Cricket and Sponge bob in the 18" Hunter Division--placing well in each class.  Stacey Klaus rode the pony SMORES at his first show ever--aside from a few show nerves in the morning--Smores did great !  He placed in his hunter classes, and WON both INTRO A and INTRO B in his dressage tests.  Nick Klaus also rode Smores in the Lead Line division, placing 1st and 5th.  GREAT JOB NICK !!!!!!!!  Lori Johnson rode Morgan in the Intro level and in Training one, with very good scores--and with 2 second place ribbons.  Michelle Harkins rode Ace of Bays in his first dressage show ever.  They competed at Training 1 and 2.  And the judge loved them.  They placed 1st and 2nd in rather large classes, with score up to 68%.  Great Job Ladies and Gentlemen !

August 14 and 15th 2010 Was the Rolling Rock Mini Trials.  This was the first time these 3 riders competed in a Mini Trials.  (dressage, stadium and x ctry).  YOU LADIES DID AWESOME !   Laurie Golobish on her young QH, Levi did the 2' division.  They were in 4th place after dressage and after a clean stadium and clean x ctry ride they finished in 3rd place.  Mandy Chruscial on her warmblood mare Belle did the 2' - 2'7" division and were in 5th place after dressage and after a clear stadium and a clear x ctry round they finished in 3rd place.  And Emily Dempsey aboard her paint Confetti Chad also did the 2' - 2'7" division and were in 2nd place after dressage and also with clean stadium and clean x ctry the finished in 2nd place.   I think we have a few event riders....

August 21, 2010 was the 3rd and final Hunter/Jumper show of the season at CREEKSIDE STABLE.  Competing in his very first show was MACK ADAMS aboard JIMINY CRICKET.  Mack rode Jim wonderfully and made us all VERY proud !  Mack will be exciting to watch in 2011 !  DELANEY SOLIDAY rode SPONGE BOB in the walk/trot pleasure division putting in solid rides.  BRYONY TILZEY rode both SPONGE BOB and JIMINY CRICKET in 2 very hard 18" divisions, and despite some tough moments put in good rides.  CHLOE KALLENBERG also rode both SPONGE BOB and JIMINY CRICKET in the 18" divisions and despite a few tumbles they kept on going and had some good rides !  ANNA DAVIS rode the mare CAPPUCHINO in the warm up and the 2' short stirrup division, as well as the walk/trot/canter Pleasure division.  Anna came home with too many ribbons to count !  Numerous first places and a few Championships !!   EMILY DEMPSEY rode her Paint CONFETTI CHAD in the 2' and the 2'6" Jumper Division as well as a 2'6" Hunter Division.  They too had numerous firsts and 2 Championships.  Congrats Riders !!!!!!!

September 26, 2010 was the Mini Trials held at Basset Highlands.  Michelle Harkins rode her horse ACE OF BAYS in their very first Mini Trials.  They did the Starter Division.  They were in FIRST place after dressage--and went clean in both cross country and stadium to finish their division in first place.   CONGRATS !!!!   You can see pics of them on the "picture page". 

October 9, 2010 was a Hunter Show at Horse on Course in Saxonburg, PA.  Lori Johnson rode the mare MORGAN in an 18" Hunter Division winning 2 BLUES and a 3rd and the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP !  Anna Davis rode her mare CAPPACHINO in a 2' hunter division placing, with really good rides and placing 2nd in the Under Saddle.  GREAT JOB LADIES !!!


2009 Show Results

Have lots of results to put up--and pics--just WAY behind !

June 6, 2009 Four riders went to the Creekside Hunter/Jumper Show in Blairsville, PA.  The weather was ideal and the riders did GREAT !    KRYSTA KELLY rode WELL THAT'S MY STORY (aka Dory) in both the Baby Green and the 2' Jumper Division.  They had a few problems--but Krysta rode like a Champion and even had a 3rd place finish in a good size class.    EMILY DEMPSEY rode  MAXIMUM VELOCITY  (aka Jewel) in the Baby Green Hunter Division placing 2nd in both her over fences to win the RESERVE GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP.  And in the 2' Jumper Division they had several very good rides--even placing 3rd in one class.   ANNA DAVIS rode SWEET LIBERTY (aka Bailey) in her first hunter show ever.  They did a flat division and an 18" hunter.  Both divisions were HUGE with 17 - 20 horses in each division.  Anna and Bailey took a 2nd, 3rd and 2 5ths !   BRYONY TILZEY aboard JIMINY CRICKET (aka jimmy) was also competing in her first show EVER.  They won their very first flat class out of 17 horses, and also placed 5th in another huge class.  GREAT JOB RIDERS !!!!!!!   Go to the 2009 pic page for some pics of the day !

April 19, 2009  First show of the season.  And lots of FIRSTS all the way around !  Anna Davis did her FIRST dressage ever on Pleasant Reward--they competed in the Intro level where they won good ribbons--including a FIRST.    Brenda Roger competed for the FIRST time on Redi Approved at Training Level.  This was Redi Approved's (aka Keri) FIRST dressage show ever, and her FIRST time in the show ring in over 8 years !    This is a duo to keep your eyes on--they looked very promising.  And Laurie Havrisko rode the Quarter Horse Levi in his FIRST show ever.  Levi is just 4 years old.  They competed in Training Level placing well in each class, and winning a FIRST place also. 

May 16, 2009  Was the first Wildwin Schooling show of the season.  Competing and winning ribbons were:  Ashley Amsler, Caitlyn Bergemann, Alyse Bolton, Brittney Conklin, Abigail Evans, Paige Mackey, Kerri Marflak, Olivia Mignogna, Delaney Soliday, Kennedy Soliday, Emily Terhorst, Shania Thieler, Bryony Tilzey, Tori Van Scyoc, Alexis Weinman and Clara Weinman.   In the first Novice Division Emily won the CHAMPIONSHIP, and Olivia won the Reserve Championship.  In the second Novice Division there was a tie for championship--that went to Alyse and Brittney.  Bryony won the CHAMPIONSHIP in the Over Fences Division.  And Kerri won the CHAMPIONSHIP in the Intermediate division.




October 24 thru the 27, 2008 concluded our show season with the CBLM DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS held at the VA HORSE CENTER in Lexington, VA.   This year Michelle Harkins competed on 3 horses she had qualified.   At FIRST LEVEL test 3 Michelle competed on both SEVENS RIPPLE GLO our 24 year old AQHA gelding and FRED'S LEGACY an off the track TB.  With these two boys Michelle put in solid steady rides with good scores and good placings.  Fred was scoring in the 60's and Rip won both a 2nd and a 3rd place, in addition to some nice glassware they were awarded !  (2 wine glasses).  With Cappuchino whom Michelle has only been partnered with a few short months they competed in the CHAMPIONSHIP class against 20 other horses and placed 4TH with a score of 66.8 %.  (1st place was a 70% and 2nd and 3rd were tied with 67%).   It was a cold, windy rainy weekend, but with the help and company of Peggy (michelle's mom) and Jeff we had a WONDERFUL SUCCESSFUL weekend !!!   Can't wait till the 2009 show season !!!

October 12, 2008 was the final dressage show of the season at HORSE ON COURSE.  Krysta Kelly riding THAT'S MY STORY finished off the year by putting in GOOD SOLID rides.   Brenda Roger on PLEASANT REWARD finished off their season by winning the RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP for the DAY and the YEAR at the INTRO LEVEL.   Michelle Harkins on WINFALLAS MORGAN STAR also won the RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP for the DAY and the YEAR at their level, their score of 69% helped them ! 

October 4, 2008  was our 3rd and final schooling show of the season held here at the barn.  Despite the damp and cool morning it was a GREAT DAY and ended up nice and SUNNY !!   Thanks to Stacey Klaus for a wonderful job judging.   Winning High Point Awards were Delaney Soliday in the Novice Division, Anna Davis in the Intermediate Division and Kelsey Keller in the Advanced Division.  Also competing and winning ribbons were--Jeffrey Ashcraft, Brittney Conklin, Marissa Finoli, Lori Johnson, Paige Mackey, Kerri Marflak, Olivia Mignogna, Laura Rosner, Shania Thieler, Bryony Tilzey, Alexis Weinman and Katelyn Wilson.  Congratulations riders !

Sept 20 and 21 Michelle Harkins competed at the Morven Park Dressage Show in Leesburg, VA.  On SEVENS RIPPLE GLO she competed at 1st level test 3, qualifying  "rip" for the BLM Championships at 1st Level.  This pair placed 2nd and 3rd in each of their classes (big classes).  Michelle also competed on FRED'S LEGACY at 2nd level, where their marks continue to improve (receiving lots of 7's and 8's).  They placed 6th in a large class against many FEI level riders. 

Sept 14, 2008 CONGRATS to the riders !!  (and their horses!)  Brenda Roger competed at the Intro Level and won Intro Level test B with PLEASANT REWARD, as well as winning the HIGH % RIDE for that level.  They also put in a good solid test in Training Level test one.      Krysta Kelly rode WELL THAT'S MY STORY in both Intro and Training Level.  They put in solid rides and won a class.    Michelle Harkins rode CAPPUCHINO in Training Level 3 and 4 winning both classes. 

Aug 30, 2008 Another beautiful sunny day, and RIDERS TAKING HOME BLUE'S AT INTRO, TRAINING and SECOND LEVEL ! Four riders and Five horses competed at a WPDA Sanctioned Dressage Show.  Becki Leonard rode PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS in Penny's first Dressage Show.  They competed in Training Level with very accurate rides, and placing 5th in a test.  Brenda Roger rode PLEASANT REWARD in Intro and Training 1, with very accurate rides as well placing 4th in a class.  Krysta Kelly with WELL THAT'S MY STORY competed in both the Into and Training Level one with a few "airs above the grounds" thrown in for good measure, even so they managed to still WIN a class.  Michelle Harkins competed at Training Level 3 and 4, winning a class and placing 2nd in another, on CAPPUCHINO.   With FRED'S LEGACY Michelle won 2nd level test 3. 

Aug 23, 2008 Several riders competed at the Creekside Hunter/Jumper show.  Emily Dempsey rode the new lesson pony PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS in the Baby Green Division with good ribbons.  Emily also rode her own TB mare DELOREAN in the Jumper Division with each round getting better!!     Krysta Kelly rode her mare WELL THAT'S MY STORY in her very first hunter show--with good rides in HUGE 20+ horse classes.  Becki Leonard rode PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS in an 18" hunter division winning a class , and also placing 3rd and 4th.   In an equitation division Becki and PENNY won another class and also placed 2nd and 3rd to win the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP in the Equitation Division.   Chloe Kallenberg rode JIMINY CRICKET in a Walk Trot pleasure division winning a class of 13 and placing 2nd and 4th to tie for the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP.   Great job girls !!  And SPECIAL THANKS to Lori and Anna for their help with the horses, and to the DAVIS FAMILY for an AWESOME TAIL GATE FEAST !!!


August 16 and 17, 2008 We went to the Grand Haven rated Dressage show in Jefferson, OH.  Had a few minor inconveniences that morning--which resulted in us buying a new horse trailer.  But thanks to Joey Altmeyer we were in our new trailer in a matter of hours !  Michelle Harkins rode her new horse Cappuchino in Training Level, winning a class, and qualifying Cappy for the BLM Dressage Championships.  Michelle also rode Fred's Legacy in 1st and 2nd level, with great scores.  Fred and Michelle also qualified for the Championships.  (that makes 4 horses Michelle has qualified this year).  And after a 2 year absence from the Dressage Arena's Stacey Klaus and her Heart Break Kid competed at both Training Level and First Level qualifying also for the BLM Dressage Championships at both levels !!

July 19, 2008 KRYSTA KELLY rode her AQHA mare WELL THAT'S MY STORY in the Intro Level at the HORSE ON COURSE Schooling Dressage Show.  The day was sunny and hot and the classes were big.  They won test A with a score of 65 %, and placed 2nd in test B with a score of 64%, to earn the RESERVE HIGH % RIDE for that level.  KRYSTA and DORY also placed 3rd  in their very first time at Training Level.    MICHELLE HARKINS rode FRED'S LEGACY an off the track TB gelding owned by Wildwin Stable, in FIRST LEVEL TEST 2 winning that class with a score of 67.5% and they also competed and won FIRST LEVEL TEST 3 with a score of 66% to win the HIGH % RIDE at 1st level.   Way to go Michelle and Krysta !!  And thanks to Jeff and Becki for all their support and help !!

June 14, 2008 Wet/Sloppy day but the riders and horses did great !  Jeff Ashcraft competed at his very first horse show ever aboard  the AQHA gelding THE MID KNIGHT TE.  They competed at the Training Level with good scores and placing 2nd in each class. 

Krysta Kelly competed on her young AQHA mare WELL THAT'S MY STORY in the Intro Level with good scores in the 60's and placing 1st and 2nd.

Michelle Harkins competed on our newest lesson horse a solid colored Paint mare named MORGAN.  This was Morgan's first show ever.  They won both their Intro Level Tests with scores as high as 64.7 %, and the HIGH % RIDE FOR THE OPEN DIVISION. and they won their Training Level test with a score of 64%


June 7 and June 8th, 2008 Recognized Dressage show at Morven Horse Park in Leesburg, VA.  Michelle Harkins competed on MACANAW in 100+ degree temps!  They placed in each class at Training Level, with scores in the 60's and qualified for the BLM CHAMPIONSHIPS with a score of 65.6% placing 2nd in a class of over 15 riders and placing less than 1% point out of first place.  Congrats to Michelle and Mac!


May 31/June 1, 2008 Recognized Dressage show at Horse on Course.  Michelle Harkins competed on SEVENS RIPPLE GLO @ First Level Test 3 both days with good scores, they placed 1st and 2nd.   Michelle also competed on her new horse MACANAW at Training Level Test 3 and 4.  Both scores were in the 60's, and they placed 2nd and 5th.


May 17, 2008 Was our first of 3 schooling shows held here at Wildwin for the 2008 season.  Competing and Winning ribbons were:  Jeffrey Ashcraft, Alyese Bolton, Brittney Conklin, Anna Davis, Marissa Finoli, Lori Johnson, Kelsey Keller, Paige Mackey, Kerri Marflak, Brooke Mastro, Laura Rosner, Tori Van Scyoc, Delaney Soliday, Bryony Tilzey, Jazmyn Weiss and Katelyn Wilson.   Winning the 3 High Point Champions for the day were:  Laura Rosner in the Novice Division, Anna Davis in the Intermediate Division and Jeffrey Ashcraft in the Advanced Division.   Judging was done by Miss Stacey Klaus.


April 26, 2008 Hunter show at Horse on Course in Saxonburg, PA  Leah Jankowski rode POCAHONTIS.  This was Leah's first time doing jumps at a show.  They competed against a field of 20 riders!!  Leah put in good clean rides, and rode Pokey to a 4th place in an over fences class, and made the "cut" in the under saddle.   Emily Dempsey rode Cappuchino in the Special Hunter and Low Hunter against 25 horses.   They also put in very solid rounds with great equitation !


April 6, 2008 was our first schooling dressage show of the season.  We had lots of first time riders and first time horses competing at this show.  Brenda Roger competed in her very first horse show ever on PLEASANT REWARD.  They showed in the Intro Division and tied for 3rd place and also won a 6th place ribbon with very respectable scores for Brenda's first outing!!    Laurie Havrisko competed on SK RANGE A GREEN (aka Roger) at Training 2 and 3.  This was Rogers first Dressage show and they did great winning a 3rd and 5th place ribbon with a score of 60%.    Michelle Harkins rode her new horse MACANAW in Training 3 and 4.  They placed 1st and 2nd with scores of 65 and 60%.   Good job ladies !!   And thanks to all the help from Bob, Jeff and Krysta !!  Hope to have some pics up soon.

November 22 & 23 VADA rated Dressage show @ Morven

November 17 and 18th 2007 USEF/USDF rated dressage show at Morven Park in Leesburg, Va.  Michelle Harkins competed on both SEVENS RIPPLE GLO and MARK MY WORDS.   The pair of RIP and MICHELLE qualified for next years BLM Championships at Training Level Test 3, and just missed (by less than 1 pt) qualifiying at First Level Test 3.   And after an over 8 year absence from the show ring Mark put in some VERY nice/solid rides, with good scores of close to 60 and 60%.

October 12, 2007 The BLM Championships were held in the NJ Horse Park.  Michelle Harkins had qualified her Hannoverian PANACHE at the Training Level for Jr/Young Riders and competed there with good rides.

October 6, 2007 our 3rd of 3 Wildwin Schooling Shows.  Competing and winning ribbons were: Alyse Bolton, Anna Davis, Emily Dempsey, Emma Garris, Kaitlyn Garris, Leah Jankowski, Lori Johnson, Kelsey Keller, Krysta Kelly, Becki Leonard, Sloane Luckziewicz, Paige Mackey, Kerri Marflak, Brooke Mastro, Hailey Prosser, Delaney Soliday, Tori Van Scyoc, Alexis Weinman and Aly Young,

September 29, 2007 Krysta Kelly rode her 3 year old mare WELL THAT'S MY STORY to a first and second place at the Horse on Course Championship Dressage Show in the Intro Level.  They also won teh RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP for the day and they won the YEAR END AWARD at Intro Test A.

September 22, 2007 Emily Dempsey rode Cappuchino in the 18" Division at Horse on Course.  They won both  of their equitation classes (over fences and on the flat) (out of a field of 9 horses), and never placed lower than 4th in all 6 classes.  They came home with prize money and the RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP !

September 1, 2007 We took 3 riders and 4 horses to the CREEKSIDE STABLE show near Blairsville, PA.  EMILY DEMPSEY had great ribbons in every class, including the 2'3" Jumper Division, and won a class in the 2' Hunter Division, along with other good ribbons to also win the RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP.  Competing with the pony JIMINY CRICKET was KRYSTA KELLY who won the RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP in the 18" Hunter Division, as well as MANY other good ribbons.   KRYSTA also competed on the pony CUPID winning good ribbons.  LEAH JANKOWSKI rode both CUPID in the flat walk/trot division and POCAHONTIS in the 18" Hunter Division--placing well with both ponies. 

August 25, 2007 EMILY DEMPSEY and her mare CAPPUCHINO competed in the Hunter Show at Horse on Course, near Saxonburg, PA.  Placing in every class with good rides Emily and Cappy came home with the Reserve Championship in their division.

August 11/12 and August 18/19 Two back to back weekends of rated Dressage Shows at Grand Haven Stables in Jefferson, OH.  Competing both weekends were MICHELLE HARKINS on her warmblood PANACHE.  They competed in both Training and First Level with great ribbons and scores in the 60's.  On the 2nd weekend KATE joined us on THE MID KNIGHT TE.  This was Kate's first dressage show ever.  Her and "moose" competed at Training Level Test 3 each day, winning both of their classes--with good scores! 

July 28, 2007 Four horses and 3 riders went to the HORSE ON COURSE Hunter Show.   LEAH JANKOWSKI competed on POCAHONTIS in the Walk/Trot Cavelletti Poles Division.  Winning 4 of her 5 classes and winning the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP.   LAURIE HAVRISKO rode CHUNKY MONKEY in the 18" Hunter Division--with some really good rides--and placing in EVERY class.  KRYSTA KELLY rode CUPID in the 18" Hunter Division , placing in every class and also winning a class over fences.  And with JIMINY CRICKET -- KRYSTA won 2 firsts in the 18" division, and several other good ribbons to win the RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP. 

July 21, 2007  A dressage show at Horse on Course in Saxonburg, PA   LAURIE HAVRISKO rode THE MID KNIGHT TE in Training one and two.  They placed 1st and 2nd with both scores being over 59% !  MICHELLE HARKINS rode our newest lesson horse CHUNKY MONKEY to two first places in the Intro Division with scores of 67% and they won the HIGH % RIDE for THE INTRO LEVEL !   See the 2007 picture page for pics from show.

July 7, 2007 was our 2nd of 3 schooling shows held here at Wildwin Stable.  Winning the Championship in the Novice  A Division was both Marrisa Finoli and Alexis Weinman, with Katlyn Garris winning the Reserve.  In the Novice B Division the Champion went to Emma Garris and the Reserve went to Ashton Crawley.  The Intermediate Division Champion was Anna Davis with Leah Jankowski winning the Reserve.  Also competing and winning ribbons were: Ashley Amsler, Nicana Garmon, Kelsey Keller, Krysta Kelly, Joey Lunney, Kerri Marflak, Haley Prosser, Elizabeth Withers, Ellie Withers and Aly Young.  Good rides by everyone !!!

June 30, 2007 Was the Hunter Jumper show at Creekside Stable in Blairsville, PA.  Alexis Gademsey rode her pony JASPER very well in the HUGE pleasure division.   Emily Dempsey rode the pony E IS FOR ELMO in several 2' hunter divisions placing high in EVERY class, including 2 first place wins in over fences and the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP in the SHORT STIRRUP DIVISION. 

June 16, 2007 was day ONE of a TWO day Dressage Show held at Horse on Course in Saxonburg, PA.  Becki Leonard rode KAHLUA AND CREAM in the Intro Division placing 3rd in both classes with good scores and very favorable comments from the judge.   Michelle Harkins rode her 3 year old Hafflinger cross gelding  BILL FOR REAL in the Intro Division placing 1st and 2nd with scores as high as 67% and winning the HIGH % Award for the Intro Level.  (see 2007 picture page for pics)

June 17, 2007 was day TWO of the show at Horse on Course.  Krysta Kelly showed her young Quarter Horse WELL THAT'S MY STORY in the Intro Division and Training one.  They received scores as high as 68.5%.  They placed 2nd in both in Intro classes and 3rd in Training one.  The pair also received the RESERVE HIGH % FOR THE INTRO DIVISION.  Michelle Harkins rode PANACHE in a first level test placing first with a 60%. 


June 9 and 10, 2007 Michelle and Panache (aka Pete) competed at the VADA/NOVA Dressage Show held at Morven Park in Leesburg, Va.  There were approx. 200 horses from the East Coast competing there.   Michelle and Pete  competed at both Training and First Level with scores in the 60's and placing in most every class.   In their BLM Training Level qualifying class they placed 3rd with a score of 63.3% earning them a spot to compete in the BLM CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW held in October in Allentown, NJ.

June 2, 2007 We had our first of 3 schooling shows held here at Wildwin Stable.  Judging was done by Stacey Klaus.   Winning the CHAMPIONSHIP for the NOVICE B DIVISION was TORY VANSCYOC.  Winning the CHAMPIONSHIP for the NOVICE A DIVISION was KATLYN GARRIS,  Winning the CHAMPIONSHIP for the INTERMEDIATE DIVISION was both ALY YOUNG and JUSTINE TURNER.  Winning the CHAMPIONSHIP for the ADVANCED DIVISION was BECKI LEONARD.  Winning the CHAMPIONSHIP for the FUN DIVISION was EMILY DEMPSEY.  Also competing and winning ribbons were:  Ashley Amsler, Anna Davis, Abigail Evans, Marissa Finoli, Emma Garris, Leah Jankowski, Kelsey Keller, Paige Mackey, Kerri Marflak, Delaney Soliday and Alexis Weinman.

May 26, 2007 Justine Toner, Leah Jankowski and Emily Dempsey competed at the Horse on Course Hunter/Jumper show.   This was Justine's very first show--she rode Pocahontis to a 1st place and a 3rd place ribbon in the Walk/Trot Division.   Leah Jankowski  rode Pocahontis in the Walk/Trot Cavelleti Division winning all her classes and earning the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP !!   Emily Dempsey rode her young mare Cappuchino in an 18" division against 12 other entrants.  They had great ribbons in each class--placing 2nd-3rd,3rd,4th, and 5th. 

May 19, 2007 We went to a dressage show at Horse on Course.  Michelle Harkins rode two horses.  Showing her new mare KAHLUA AND CREAM they entered the Intro Division and Training one.  They won all 3 classes and received the high % ride at the Intro Level with a score of 66%.    Showing her warmblood gelding PANACHE they competed at Training Level 3 placing 3rd with a 58% and then at First Level test one they won that class with a score of 71 % receiving numerous 8's and 9's, and won the Reserve High % ride at First Level.

May 5, 2007 Hunter/Jumper show at Creekside Stable.   Leah Jankowski rode Pocahontis in the walk/trot flat division--with very good rides and a good ribbon !   Emily Dempsey rode her Cappuchino in the 2' Hunter division placing in EVERY class with great rides.   And Krysta Kelly rode Scooby Dooby Do in his first show with us in the 18" Division winning a class and taking 2 2nd places to earn the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP!!

April 28 and April 30, 2007 HORSE ON COURSE DRESSAGE SHOW.  Krysta Kelly showed both CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW and WELL THAT'S MY STORY in the INTRO Division, placing in every class with good scores and high ribbons!   Becki Leonard rode PLEASANT REWARD in the Intro Division and Training one--with great scores and good ribbons.  Michelle Harkins rode WELL THAT'S MY STORY in the Intro Division winning both her classes and the High % award, and they also competed in Training Level one with very good scores.

April 21 and April 22, 2007  HORSE ON COURSE HUNTER/JUMPER SHOW.   Krysta Kelly showed E IS FOR ELMO at his very first show both rider and pony learned some good lessons and had GREAT rides, placing in their 12" hunter division.    Emily Dempsey on her CAPPUCHINO showed in the 2' Hunter Div and they also did 2' Jumper for the first time--making it to the jump off in most every class and winning good ribbons.    Michelle Harkins showed IRRISISTABELLE TIME in the 2' jumper division taking the BLUE in a class and several other top ribbons.   Stacey Klaus showed her THE HEARTBREAK KID in the flat classes placing in each one.  Dawn Keeler showed WALLS OF JERICHO in the 2' Jumper Div taking a 3rd place ribbon.

March 31 and April 1 2007  HORSE ON COURSE SCHOOLING DRESSAGE SHOW.  CONGRATS TO Becki Leonard, Krysta Kelly, Emily Dempsey, Vicky Maclaren and Michelle Harkins for their GREAT rides and scores.  

BECKI LEONARD rode PLEASANT REWARD aka George, in her first show ever.   They competed in the Intro Level and Training Level.   They received good scores, and a 2nd and 4th place ribbon.

EMILY DEMPSEY rode her young mare CAPPUCHINO in the Intro and Training level, placing in every class with good rides and scores.

KRYSTA KELLY rode JIMINY CRICKET at their very first dressage show competing in the Intro Level with good scores and rides and high placings in each class.

VICKY MACLAREN rode her new horse ZIPS SILVER ENDING, at their first show as a new partners.  They also competed in the Intro Level and Training Level  with good rides.

MICHELLE HARKINS rode her new horse PANACHE in his very first show ever.  They competed at Training level and First level winning some classes, and placing high in the others, earning scores in the mid 60's.

MICHELLE HARKINS also rode her young 3 year old WELL THAT'S MY STORY in her first show.  They competed in the Intro and Training Level.   Winning all their classes  with scores in the 60's and receiving the HIGH % AWARD at the Intro Level.

December 16, 2006 Five riders went to the Hunter/Jumper show held at Durango Farms in Cabot PA.  And the weather was sunny and in the 50's!!!!!!   LEAH JANKOWSKI rode POCAHONTIS to 4 blue and 2 red ribbons earning them the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP in the Walk/Trot and Ground Poles Division.       KRYSTA KELLY rode JIMINY CRICKET in the 18" Hunter winning 2 blues, a 2nd and 3 3rds to earn the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP in their division.     EMILY DEMPSEY rode CAPPUCHINO  in the 18" Hunter  winning 4 2nd places, 2 3rds, a 4th and a 5th to earn the RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP  in their division.    LAURIE HAVRISKO rode IRRESISTABELLE TIME in an 18" Hunter division placing 1st, 2nd, 5th and 5th to capture the RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP.      MICHELLE HARKINS also rode IRRESISTABELLE TIME in a 2' division winning a blue, 2 2nds, a 3rd, 4th and 5th.       Thank you to Becky Leonard for all her help and support.   CONGRATULATIONS to all the riders and horses and for making it such an enjoyable day!!!!!!  




November 18, 2006 was our 13th Annual Wildwin Stable Awards Banquet.  There were approx 70 people in attendance.  The banquet was held at the Congruity Church.   Awards were given to over 20 riders who demonstrated excellence in a variety of classes/divisions from shows held here at Wildwin to Hunter shows to rated Dressage shows.   A fun evening was had by all--not just with the awards presentation but with the great gifts being raffled off, (and yes this year I did win the STEELER gift basket!!) the FUNNY awards, and of course the WONDERFUL food !!  Pictures to follow soon.