Michelle's Training


Currently i have room for 2 training horses.

If you are intersted in having your horse trained, and trained correctly--please give me a call or e mail (724 875 6484 or dressagerider1222@hotmail.com ) .

Over the years i've worked with a variety of horses including Green and Unbroke horses, Abused and Neglected Horses, Foals, Problem Horses, as well as those who just needed a refresher or tune up, these have included many different breeds.  Many of these horses i've also taken into the competition arena's for their owners. 

I am a firm believer in ground work first, and earning the horses trust and respect thru kindness, firmness and repetition. 

The training fee for 30 days is $600.- and that includes full care board.  Your horse will be worked a minimm of 5 days per week.  We have both an indoor and outdoor arena--so weather conditions are never an issue. 

I also offer discounts on consecutive multi months of training. 

Depending on distance and facilities i can travel to train.  Contact me for pricing and info.  724 875 6484 or dressagerider1222@hotmail.com

Below are pictures of horses i've trained.



Just as every horse is different, so is every training situation. From starting a foal, to green breaking, to reschooling each horse is handled in a humane way to bring out their fullest potential.


You can reach me via e mail at dressagerider1222@hotmail.com

or by phone at 724 875 6484