W.S.E.T. (Wildwin Stable Equestrian Team)


Pics for our 20th annual  (november 2013) WSET annual awards banquet are on the PICTURE page.



November 17, 2012 was our 19th annual Awards Banquet.  Once again another large group of riders, family's and friends joined us for a fun night!  Riders earned awards from competing in Dressage, Hunter and Jumper shows as well as Mini Trials.  We showed locally as well as going to many shows in Ohio, Virgina and New Jersey.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help make this evening very special.  And thank you all for the "weekend getaway" that you gave to us --That was very unexpected and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.   And special Thanks to Lori Johnson and her family for presenting us with some awesome "STEELER" JUMP POLES !  Enjoy the pictures.


November 19, 2011 We had our 18th annual Awards Banquet.  We had a large group of people attending over 70 riders, family and friends were there to enjoy the festivities.  Once again Congruity Church was were we held the banquet.  Riders were presented with awards for their accomplishments in the show ring--in Dressage, Hunter, Jumper and Mini Trials.  There was a very emotional and heart felt presentation by the Dempsey's.  As well as a lovely inscribed snow globe with butterflies presented to Bob and I for over 30 years of doing what we LOVE.  And of course the funny awards and the raffle table--and the FOOD !   Thank you all !  And enjoy the pics !


November 20, 2010 We had our 17th annual WSET Awards Banquet.  Over 80 riders, family and friends were there to celebrate.  The banquet was held at Congruity Church in New Alexandria.  Riders earned awards by attending our schooling shows, held here at the barn, as well as going to other shows.  We had riders competing in Dressage, Hunter and Jumper, as well as Mini Trials.  We would like to thank both the Spring House Tack Shop in Greensburg and the Delmont Tractor Supply for donating door prizes !  Every year the raffle table grows and this year was NO exception !  There were GREAT gifts on the raffle table.  There was also a gift exchange.  And some of the BEST food ever for our meal !!!!!!!!!  We were also treated to several picture boards that recaptured lots of great moments thru out the 2010 year.  And of course the evening would not be complete with out the presentation of the FUNNY AWARDS as well as the Highlite of the evening -- the presentation of the Trophies.  And Bob and I would like to thank all of you for the Gift Certificates that you gave to us !!  THANK YOU !  Enjoy the pics !!!!!!!!


November 21, 2009 We had our 16th annual WSET Awards Banquet.  Approx 100 people were in attendance to enjoy the festivities !  The banquet was again held at Congruity Church in New Alexandria.  Riders earned awards by attending our schooling shows held here at the barn, as well as going to other shows.  We had riders competing in Dressage, Hunter and Jumper classes locally as well as going to shows in Ohio and Virginia.   We would like to again thank both Springhouse Tack Shop and Tractor Supply Delmont for their many donations to the banquet that were awarded as door prizes.  There was a raffle table at the banquet that had LOADS of great gifts.  We also had a gift exchange.  And of course the meal, that we all got to enjoy prior to the awards--with some of THE best food around !!  And we were all treated to several poster boards with pictures past and present that gave us all some good laughs.  There were "funny" awards presented as well as the more serious awards.  And thank you all for the Gift Certificates that you presented to Bob and I !!   Following are some pictures from the banquet.


November 22, 2008 was our 15th annual WILDWIN STABLE AWARDS BANQUET.  Again this year approx 90 joined in the fun.  The banquet was held at the Congruity Church in New Alexandria.  We awarded riders who competed at our schooling shows held here at Wildwin, and also to those riders who competed at the "away" shows off of the farm in Hunter/Jumper and Dressage.  We had lots of great door prizes that were generously donated by HORSE AND RIDER, SPRING HOUSE TACK, as well as TRACTOR SUPPLY.  The raffle table was LOADED with dozens of great gifts including artwork, gift baskets of every kind, crafts, horsey items, etc.  There was a gift exchange, as well as many other games.  And of course THE BEST FOOD AROUND !!!  And of course the funny/special awards, which is very entertaining.  And thank you all for the great GIFT CERTIFICATES you presented to Bob and I.  Following are just a FEW of the pics from the banquet!


February 10, 2008 was our annual KNOW DOWN.  What a great time we all had!   And Congrats to the team of KELSEY, ALEXIS, STACEY, JEFF, KRYSTA, EMILY, DONNA and LAURIE you guys were the CHAMPS!!!!!!!!   And the Parents team and Steve--came in a close 2nd!!  And as usual the food you all brought THE BEST!!

December 1, 2007 was our 14th annual Wildwin Stable Awards Banquet.  We had almost 90 people in attendance.  This year the banquet was held at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Greensburg.  There were awards for riders who competed at our schooling shows held here at Wildwin as well as those who competed at Hunter/Jumper and Dressage Shows held off our farm, both locally as well as out of state.  Not sure it was possible but the food gets even better EVERY year.  We were treated to numerous door prizes donated by the SPRING HOUSE TACK SHOP and HORSE AND RIDER.   And there were sooooooo many wonderful things to bid on at the raffle table.   In addition to the serious awards we had many laughs with the FUN awards.  And thank you to WSET for your generosity in sending BOB and I to the STEELER GAME in December !!!!!!!!!!!

November 18, 2006 was our 13th Annual Wildwin Stable Awards Banquet.  There were approx 70 people in attendance.  The banquet was held at the Congruity Church.   Awards were given to over 20 riders who demonstrated excellence in a variety of classes/divisions from shows held here at Wildwin to Hunter shows to rated Dressage shows.   A fun evening was had by all--not just with the awards presentation but with the great gifts being raffled off, (and yes this year I did win the STEELER gift basket!!) the FUNNY awards, and of course the WONDERFUL food !! 








What a wonderful Banquet we had!!!!  November 19th 2005 W.S.E.T (Wildwin Stable Equestrian Team) hosted their 12th annual awards banquet.  Seventy people were in attendance.   There were great door prizes given out.  Lots and Lots of really nice things at the raffle table (including a Steeler basket which i DID NOT win!).  Very special gifts were given out to each rider along with some "fun" awards.  And then the presentation of the trophies for excellence in Hunter, Jumper, Dressage and from our Schooling Shows.  Winning the 3 Overall Trophies were:  Megan Conroy in Dressage for her High % Ride of 75% (at Training Level Test 4),  Michelle Harkins in Jumper with Mickey Mouse, and Emily Dempsey won the Overall Hunter Champion for her many wins with Miss Molly.  Also winning year end trophy's/awards were:  Anna Davis, Alexis Gademsey, Faith Johns, Betty Johnston, Allie Jones, Dawn Keeler, Stacey Klaus, Hannah Lang, Becky Leonard, Paige Mackey, Alana Mackey, Vicky MacLaren, Shannon McKinney, Jackie Norris, Mary Sico, Jessica Turner and Alexis Weinman.  And  lets not forget the food.  Wow it's the BEST!!!!  

Pics from the 2005 WSET Awards Banquet



Pictured L. to R. Michelle Harkins, Stacey Klaus, Emily Dempsey, Dawn Keeler, and Becca Smith at the 2004 WSET Awards Banquet.  



Pictures below are from the 2002 Banquet.



Stacey Klaus & Jessica Turner with their awards


Michelle Harkins, Jessica Moore and Betty.


Pam Turner (sitting) and Emily O'Donnell  displaying her awards.



Jessica Moore, displaying her awards, including her trophy for overall Hunter Champion.


  Lauren, with some of her trophies, from the 2001 WSET awards banquet.



BETTY at the 2000 Wildwin Stable Equestrian Team Awards Banquet, with a door prize hand made by  Michael Shifko

 KNOW DOWN--This is an annual event. It is held every February.  It is a question/answer game, similar  to Jeopardy. All with "horsey" questions. Lots of fun, and educational too.

TROT-A-TH0N--This has become an annual event. It all started in 1997 when Action 4 Animals brought 7 abused horses, and one abused sheep to Wildwin Stables for rehabilitation. (See newspaper article) All of us at the barn were so shocked to see abuse like this right in our own community...that we knew something had to be done...doing a fundraiser to help support Action 4 Animals in their fight to help abused/neglected animals was the answer. But what is the TROT-A-THON?? It is where riders test their skill and endurance, by doing a Rising Trot Without Stirrups, for as long as they can (a time limit of 30 minutes is placed on each horse/rider so as not to tire the horse). Prior to doing the TROT-A-THON each rider goes out and gets sponsors, who will give them X number of dollars or cents, per every minute that they do the rising trot without stirrups. Since Wildwin Stables has been holding the TROT-A-THON we have raised thousands of dollars for Action 4 Animals.   

AWARDS BANQUET--Every November, at the end of the show season, W.S.E.T hosts their annual awards banquet. Its a fun evening, where everyone dresses up (no more breeches and boots) and family members all join us for a time of great food and celebration. Lots and Lots of trophies are awarded to riders who met the criteria in competition thru out the season, both at shows held at Wildwin, and at shows we attended elsewhere. Special awards are also given for things such as: Best Fundraiser, Best Helper at Shows, Best Singing Equestrian, and lots more.

If you would like more information on the Wildwin Stable Equestrian Team you may contact us at wildwin@comcast.net or at (724) 875 2834.